The power of culture and activation - making good food, better; with time.



Hello and welcome to Activation Foods

It's all about the gut.........
The birth of our child started our journey to develop a deeper understanding of foods to fuel health. We wanted to be sure we were nourishing ourselves, to encourage healthy bodies and minds. It was also important that we maintained optimal health through years of increased workloads, fatigue and stress.

After extensive research I discovered that whilst we were eating well, some adjustments were needed to maintain vitality in body and mind.

Websites, articles and journals pointed to the benefits of fermented foods. Foods that are rich in live probiotic cultures that may aid nutrient absorption, assist with rebalancing of flora in the stomach, increase energy levels and alleviate stress in the digestive system.

Fermenting is an anaerobic process where sugars and carbohydrates are broken down into simple compounds, readily assimilated by the body. This form of food preservation can be traced back as far as Ancient Rome.

This research began my passage of experimentation with the discipline of fermenting. Activating fruit and vegetables into jars of living probiotics that provide health benefits, with flavours that taste amazing.

After years of study and practice we are delighted to share the health benefits with you through our range of products.


Activation Foods is a Gold Coast business that uses the best organic ingredients sourced from local farms and suppliers. We are motivated by quality in our food preparation processes, to achieve the best tasting products that are good for you.   

At Activation Foods we offer two methods of fermenting as part of our range. Both methods
allowing the natural flavours of the produce, herbs and spices to infuse, creating clean, pure and enriched tastes.

1) We create our own living starter culture. A probiotic rich whey is extracted from our home-made yoghurt. 
We have chosen this more complex process for two of our flavours.

2) We also have dairy free / vegan options for specific lifestyle or dietry requirements.

Activation Foods products are hand made in small runs. We consciously choose to work with glass, ceramic and stainless steel equipment. Our cleaning products are certified organic and we use reverse osmosis alkalised water for our food preparation.

Our product range has been formulated to assist you with your wellness journey. Offering a healing and supportive process for maintaining health, vitality and inner balance.

Our goal is to activate the body and mind through providing nutrient dense, probiotic rich, organic raw fermented fruit and vegetable sauerkrauts, in a variety of delicious flavours.



Fermented foods may -

  • Provide fibre and increase vitamin and mineral levels
  • Detoxify by creating natural chelators that bind to toxins and remove from the body
  • Restore gut health by supplying millions of live good bacteria (probiotics)
  • Promote growth of healthy intestinal flora
  • Support immune function by restoring and repairing the gut, our largest immunity organ
  • Allow for more nutrient absorption by producing naturally occurring digestive enzymes
  • Rich in antioxidants

Our Products

  • Living cultures may cause our jars to bubble and expand when opened
  • Use the juice for smoothies, salad dressings or add to cooled soups and stews
  • Each batch of sauerkraut may appear and taste slightly different due to the variables of microbial live bacteria
  • The flavour will deepen over time and vegetables may become softer
  • If you have allergy concerns please fill in the subscribe form below and one of our consultants will contact you

Product Range

Raw Cultured Vegetables

CORIANDER LEMON - 450g 710g - Cabbage, carrot, red capsicum, kale, purple garlic, lemon, coriander, Himalayan pink salt

OREGANO GARLIC - 450g710g - Tomato, green capsicum, red onion, lemon, purple garlic, oregano, whey, Himalayan pink salt

PARSLEY MINT - 450g / 710g - Beetroot, carrot, apple, mint, parsley, whey, Himalayan pink salt

TURMERIC DILL - 450g / 710g - Lebanese cucumber, cabbage, carrot, red onion, turmeric, mustard, apple cider vinegar, dill, Himalayan pink salt

GINGER MINT - 450g / 710g - Cabbage, carrot, apple, ginger, mint, Himalayan pink salt

               Raw Cultured Fruit

MAPLE CINNAMON - 450g / 700g - Apple, cardamom, cinnamon, lemon zest, lemon juice, maple syrup, Himalayan pink salt

Please note

  • Cultured vegetables have a 5 month best before expiry
  • Cultured fruit has a 2 month expiry - push contents of jar below juice level for preservation
  • Product range subject to seasonal availability

Serving Suggestion

One teaspoon of sauerkraut before a meal and build up to desired amount and frequency over two weeks. 
Start slowly, if you have a digestive imbalance you may experience minor stomach disturbances, this means the sauerkraut is rebalancing and repairing.